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Bodywork Modalities and Rates

SWEDISH- 60 minutes $90: A gentle massage proven exceptionally beneficial for
increasing blood oxygen levels and improving circulation while easing muscle
tension and decreasing stress levels.

DEEP TISSUE- 60 minutes $100: Applied in combination with Swedish
massage and offers the same benefits while targeting the deeper layers of muscle
and connective tissue to help relieve chronic muscle fatigue and tension.

JIN SHIN DO- 60 minutes $100: Acupressure therapy in which the fingers are
used to press key healing points which stimulate the body's natural healing
abilities. It helps to relieve stress, increase circulation and reduces pain
but primarily aids in the release of chronic physical and emotional tension.

CORPORATE CHAIR MASSAGE: A gentle compression based massage conveniently provided in a portable massage chair. Great for corporate retreats, health and wellness events and parties. Rates and treatment parameters vary. Please call for details.